The To-Shin Do martial art is focused entirely on realistic and effective self-defense. In the 1970’s Stephen K. Hayes became the first American to ever study the authentic and legendary Ninja martial arts with the 34th generation Ninja Grandmaster. After decades of studying and teaching the historical methods and techniques An-shu Hayes began to adapt this historic approach to be more applicable in the modern day. The result became the unique and unparalleled martial art and personal development programs which he formalized in 1997. He gave this powerful and holistic approach the title To-Shin Do, the way of the heart and the sword. Symbolically the sword represents the tools of power, which are technique, strategy and skill, the heart represents the wisdom to use these tools of power responsibly.


At Inner Power Martial Arts, our focus with the martial art study is to promote personal power. We believe that each person has the right to a safe and secure existence, free from unwanted intrusion. We believe that following a plan of situation awareness, combined with physical training which actually works in realistic danger situations, is the key to reaching that goal. Our martial arts focus is totally toward self protection. We realize that westernized martial art systems are usually about winning in competitive situations, we also realize that these competitions and tournaments have nothing to do with real physical self protection. Being bigger, faster, or stronger are answers that do not work for real life. Being smarter does, and being smarter is our goal at IPMA.

What we do does not resemble competitive or movie martial arts, it would not sell tickets at the box office because it is too subtle and effective. We teach balance and coordination that are invaluable throughout life. Whether you are an athletic person, or an average person, these aspects of our training will give each student a huge advantage over the untrained person. The art we teach is modernized Ninjutsu, it comes from the 1000 year old system that was developed in Feudal Japan by the nine Ninja families. These families represented the resistance to the oppression of the Emperor hundreds of years ago. The techniques of the art were not thought up as a training regimen for a “tough guy” military, or as a game for young children. They were brought back by the winners on the battlefield all those centuries ago, and have been modified appropriately to fit the needs of the modern world. We want our students of all ages to enjoy and have fun with the training, but we also want them to realize the seriousness and severity of what they are learning.

In addition to hands-on personal training, you will learn skills relating to defensive tools and weapons. Included are sword, which was the basis for most of the movements in our art. Also the 36″ cane, the 6′ wooden staff, our flexible tool called the gusarifundo, and the kubaton, a small hand held stick. Our To-Shin Do martial art also includes an opportunity to study unarmed defenses against club, knife, and gun threats.

We hope you will join us for training. Each prospective student always enjoys a free introduction as well as the opportunity to participate in three free trial classes and receives a free uniform upon signup.

Kyle Maitoshi George

Kancho, IPMA


Meet our instructors and class leaders.

Kyle Maitoshi George

Kancho - 3rd Degree Black Belt

Pat Bailey

2nd Degree Black Belt

Todd Dantoshi Pettit

3rd Degree Black Belt

Matt Epley

2nd Degree Black Belt