Programs We offer

Our approach toward self-defense includes training for the mind, functional fitness for everyday health and well-being, and life improvement philosophies and tools.


Classes are available for kids 5 to 8 in our awesome Ninja Explorers program.


There are a variety of classes designed for all family members ages 8 years and up.


We have special classes reserved for adult only participation, 16 years and older.


We have special classes reserved for black belt only and advanced practitioners.


Learn more at our special seminars and advanced training classes.


Testimonials from students of our school and parents of students.

Each and every instructor has dedicated themselves to a commitment of learning, teaching, and sharing the most effective techniques for defending ourselves and our loved ones. My four kids and I have trained here since 2010 and we’ve enjoyed every minute of it and formed life-long friendships.

I’ve been training at Inner Power Martial Arts for years. I love the friends that I have met and the instructors are great.

This is a great place to learn self defense techniques and have a blast while doing so. My kids are so excited every time they earn a new belt rank.

WHY CHOOSE inner power

Students at Inner Power Martial Arts study To-Shin Do, the self protection martial art developed from Ninjutsu by Black Belt Hall of Fame Member, An-Shu Stephen K. Hayes of Dayton, Ohio.

Benefits include improved balance, coordination, self confidence, self esteem, and personal power.

Owner Kyle Maitoshi George, To-Shin Do Third Degree Black Belt, and his staff offer a wonderful program for you and your family. Kyle works closely with his instructor, Ninth Degree Master Instructor Mark Sentoshi Russo of Tampa, Florida & An-Shu Stephen K. Hayes founder of To-Shin Do. Kyle and his staff work to keep all of the IPMA study’s and training at the cutting edge of self defense martial arts.

To-Shin Do Student Creed
I believe in myself! I am confident! I can accomplish my goals!
I believe in what I study! I am disciplined! I am ready to learn and advance!
I believe in my teachers! I show respect for all who help me progress!

To-Shin Do Class Closing
I believe in myself! I am confident! I am one step closer to MY goal!


News and information to keep you up to date about what is going on at Inner Power Martial Arts.

August 12, 2021 admin 0

Welcome to our new website InnerPower.Ninja. Here you will be able to find the latest information about our dojo, class schedules and upcoming events. You can send us an email on the contact page if you have questions or comments. We hope to have items from our pro shop available …

June 1, 2021 admin 0

We’ve moved! Come check us out at our new location at 671 Halligan Drive in North Platte. We are now located right next to Budke PowerSports. There is plenty of parking available (no longer have to fight for precious parking spots downtown) and we have a large mat space for …